Message from the Legal Adviser

The University admission is a significant way to choose the appropriate course and University for a particular student. It is a sophisticated process that involves a student going through different stages including document assessments, right course selection, find appropriate University and relevant advice for visa application, and other compliance issues involved. The Standard Educare Global (SEG) has been working in the UK education field for quite a long since. They support students, provide fitting guidance and practical assistance to the students with their honesty, integrity, sincerity, and with their dedication and professionalism. They are very trained, experienced, and skilled in education consultancy. The SEG is student-friendly, caring, and efficient in dealing with students’ queries. Being a legal adviser of SEG, we are solving complex issues or providing advice across other areas of law. We are here to add importance to our clients. We consider the viable and pragmatic solution and underpin our advice with a solid foundation of legal expertise.

Legal Adviser for UK university admission

Wahid Muhammad Mahbubur Rahman Solicitor, Supreme Court of England and Wales Director, Lexwin Solicitors