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Best University

Our expert team will work with you to find out the best match university for you.

Better Understanding of Course Level

Understanding various course levels of UK education is very important prior to choose any courses or universities.

One to One Counselling

To ensure the best service, one to one free counseling will be provided to each student.

Scholarship for International Students

We will try our level best to find out the available scholarship for students

Required Documents

If you are in an English speaking country you may require showing academic and financial evidence. Academic evidence will help you to show your academic sounds. And Financial evidence makes you aware of how much funding you will be required during your course of study.

If you are in a non-English speaking country you may require having following documents in addition.

  • Your academic sound
  • Your passport
  • All previous visa copy & immigration history form (if you studied before in the UK).
  • UK educational documents (CAS/visa letter, enrolment /course completion letter, award certificate.)
  • Personal statement /statement of purpose.
  • CV (include – phone number, Skype id, present & previous address, next to kin’s & reference)
  • At least one reference letter.

Once you have gathered relevant documents please send them to our operational department zislam@ahzassociates.co.uk with your application we will forward it to the relevant department to process your application further. Please note that submitted application does not give any confirmation of your acceptance.

Documents Must Be in English

If your educational certificate /bank statements or any other important documents are not in English, you must provide a translation that can be verified by the Home Office. If you are using an overseas account, including a conversion of the amounts on your statements using http://www.oanda.com. It is acceptable to use overseas accounts when applying from inside and outside the UK.


In terms of higher education in the UK for the international student, having an IELTS result is mandatory. Our adviser team can help you with various tips and information about IELTS preparation and exam. Book an appointment with us for a free IELTS preparation session..


Tuition Fees

When applying for your visa, you only need to show funds for the first year of your course. If you have not paid any of your tuition fees, you will need to show that you have held the full amount in your bank account for 28 consecutive days from the closing balance of your bank statement. If you have paid some of your tuition fees this will show on your CAS statement and you will only need to show the remaining amount of fees that you have to pay (If you have paid some of your fees and this is not shown on your CAS, reply to the emailed CAS statement to get this corrected before applying for your visa).

Postgraduate Research Funding

There are a number of sources of funding available for Postgraduate Research students. There are Government-backed schemes such as the Professional and Career Development Loans (PCDL) and many private providers offer loans to students that help to contribute towards tuition fees and living costs whilst studying. We would always encourage students to research the full range of options for funding, and ensure that they are completely clear about what they are signing up for before they commit.


Application stage:

  • Application submission with supporting documents
  • Interview
  • COL (conditional offer letter). (it means there are certain conditions you need to meet to get approval for further stage)
  • UOL (unconditional offer letter; This stage you need to show your maintenance fund with bank statements and finally pay your tuition fees to get approval for further step)
  • CAS (confirmation of acceptance for studies). Once you make the payment and university compliance will do the final review to issue the CAS statement.

Moreover, as an applicant, you need to check your CAS (without any error) and all other relevant documents before you apply for a visa.


Our continuous service includes all type of support for a new student. It is worth mentioning that after entering the United Kingdom new students face many difficulties to adjust themselves. Our experts will be dedicated to providing all type of required help.

As an agent, we will be happy to direct you to your sponsor institute. If you are flying to the United Kingdom and you need airport pick up, please contact us at least 48 hours before.

If you would like to take London underground facilities to your destination please visit


If you are planning to use the bus for your journey please visit – www.tfl.gov.uk/bus

You can book a taxi in advance from Heathrow airport. In order to do that and find relevant information about travelling from airport to your destination please visit the following website



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